Our Issues

Connecticut families rely on hospitals and health systems to be there when they need them. And as the healthcare environment continues to shift, one thing remains certain: their doors are always open, their lights are always on, and caregivers are always ready to heal.

In 2019, we are asking that legislators:

  1. Protect the agreement regarding taxes paid by hospitals and Medicaid payments to hospitals, and settle past disputes.
  2. Partner with hospitals to develop new opportunities that benefit patients, communities, hospitals, and the state.
  3. Bring Medicaid rates in line with the national average.
  4. Invest in hospitals and healthcare to grow Connecticut’s economy.
  5. Protect access to patient care in light of potential changes to healthcare on the national level.
  6. Support a Certificate of Need (CON) process that treats hospitals fairly and on an equal basis with other providers and other entities.
  7. Do not pass legislation that imposes additional regulatory burdens on hospitals.
  8. Support behavioral health and substance use treatment and prevention programs that emphasize an integrated approach to patient care, such as Community Care Teams.
  9. Fund proven drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs, such as recovery coaches.
  10. Related to behavioral health and substance use services, match facilities and available resources, such as short-term, intermediate, and long-term beds, with patient need.