Our Issues

Connecticut hospitals are there when we need them, providing high quality care for everyone who walks through their doors, regardless of their ability to pay.  Connecticut hospitals are continually working to find innovative ways to better serve patients and communities.  They are building integrated delivery networks with physicians, services, and technology to make sure patients receive high quality, coordinated, cost-effective, patient-focused care.  They are addressing social determinants of health to improve health equity for all Connecticut residents.

In 2018, we are asking that legislators:

  1. Protect the agreement between hospitals and the Administration regarding taxes paid by hospitals and Medicaid payments to hospitals.
  2. Bring Medicaid rates in line with the national average.Medicaid reimbursement to Connecticut hospitals remains among the lowest in the nation.
  3. Protect access to patient care in light of potential changes to healthcare on the national level.
  4. Support a Certificate of Need (CON) process that treats hospitals fairly and on an equal basis with other providers, entities, and out-of-state specialty hospitals.
  5. Do not pass legislation that imposes additional regulatory burdens on hospitals.
  6. Improve mental healthcare in Connecticut by matching bed availability with patient need, funding substance use treatment and prevention programs, and increasing funding for programs that emphasize an integrated approach to patient care.