Legislative Priorities


Make permanent the critical telehealth advancements in Public Act 20-2 of the July 2020 Special Session.

Health Insurance and Access to Care

Support efforts that improve insurance affordability and avoid unintended consequences that weaken hospitals’ ability to meet the needs and expectations of our patients and our communities.

  • Support the cost growth benchmark that Governor Lamont created by Executive Order
  • Provide increased subsidies to individuals and families to allow greater access to health insurance on the Exchange
  • Re-establish a Connecticut reinsurance program to lower premiums
  • Reduce the cost of prescription drugs
  • Support programs that reduce the burden of avoidable chronic illness and associated health disparities.

Community and Population Health and Health Equity

Focus on immediate investments to help communities in need, including:

  • Loan forgiveness for small businesses
  • Job creation for the recently unemployed
  • Safe and affordable housing, access to transportation
  • Food security and nutrition
  • New models of care that integrate social, environmental, and clinical strategies

Regulatory Environment

Avoid imposing any additional regulatory burdens on hospitals and healthcare workers, especially unfunded mandates.

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Services

Support the seamless integration of treatment for individuals of all ages experiencing behavioral health disorders.

  • Match available resources to evolving needs, establish reimbursement rates that reflect cost of care, and support workforce recruitment and retention
  • Implement integrated service delivery models, including high-risk navigators, recovery coaches and support specialists, and intensive case managers
  • Support the creation of community-based psychiatric assessment centers

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