Connecticut Hospitals and Health Systems:
Building a Healthier Connecticut

It is impossible to talk about reliable, high-quality healthcare in 2021 without talking about COVID-19. In the months since the public health emergency was declared hospitals have stepped up in unprecedented and inspiring ways.

Our dedicated employees still care for those sickened by the virus, in an ongoing effort unprecedented in living memory. Hospitals’ strength and flexibility have been tested this year and they have proven up to the task. Hospitals’ COVID-19 response has included:

   •  Converting and opening dedicated COVID-19 care units

   •  Increasing intensive care capacity

   •  Investing in the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to keep care givers safe

   •  Staffing to unprecedented patient need.

Connecticut hospitals also have contributed to the growing body of knowledge about this novel coronavirus, participating in research around treatment strategies, as well as vaccine trials.

Hospitals have also taken their place in the public health infrastructure,

   •  Standing up dozens of COVID-19 testing facilities

   •  Providing infection control expertise that has helped shape public policy

   •  Helping to educate the general public in a rapidly developing crisis

   •  Providing skill and expertise in the administration of the vaccines that promise to put an end to the pandemic

All this new activity layers on the already busy role hospitals typically play in their communities, treating other illnesses and injuries, providing specialty care, and serving as a large employer and contributor to local and regional economies.

Hospitals were able to respond in 2020 because they are strong, flexible and mission-driven. We need your support to help Connecticut keep its hospitals strong and ready to respond.

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Contributions to a Healthy Economy

In a time of tremendous stress on Connecticut’s economy, strong hospitals and health systems can be a stabilizing influence. In 2019, hospitals and health systems employed 109,268 people. In addition, nearly every hospital-based job produced another job outside the hospital. In total, hospitals generated more than 230,000 jobs in our state.

Hospitals purchase goods and services and drive growth in the health, medical, and research fields, as well as in many other sectors. Hospitals generated an estimated $29.9 billion for the state’s economy in 2019.

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What We Stand For

Like good schools, safe streets, and good jobs - strong hospitals are vital to the quality of life of Connecticut’s communities.  Across the state, Connecticut's hospitals care for their communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our hospitals serve as the safety net for all residents, treating and caring for everyone regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

Top priorities for Connecticut hospitals are to improve the health of our communities, enhance quality and safety, shape a sustainable performance-based reimbursement system, promote transparency, and ensure a workforce for the future.

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