It is impossible to talk about reliable, high-quality healthcare in 2022 without talking about COVID-19. In the many months since the public health emergency was declared hospitals have stepped up in unprecedented and inspiring ways. Our dedicated employees still care for surges of those sickened by the virus. Hospitals’ strength and flexibility have been tested during these years and they have proven up to the task. 

 •  Dedicated COVID-19 care units

   •  Intensive care capacity

   •  Personal protective equipment (PPE) keeping care givers safe

   •  Unprecedented patient needs and surges

Research around treatment strategies and vaccine trials.

   •  Countless COVID-19 testing facilities

   •  Infection control expertise shaping public policy

   •  Educating the public in a developing crisis

   •  Skill and expertise in vaccine administration

All this new activity layers on the already busy role hospitals typically play in their communities, treating other illnesses and injuries, providing specialty care, and serving as a large employer and contributor to local and regional economies.

Hospitals were able to respond since 2020 because they are strong, flexible and mission-driven. We need your support to help Connecticut keep its hospitals strong and ready to respond. To add your voice to help hospitals stay strong, click here.


Economic Impact Report
The financial health of Connecticut’s hospitals and health systems is closely tied to that of the communities, families, and individuals we serve. As an integral part of those communities, in 2020, acute care hospitals’ and health systems’ statewide economic impact is estimated at $32.7 Billion.


Community Benefit Report 
Hospitals are committed to our mission to care for the acutely ill, and to help people with chronic diseases to manage their health. We are also working to nurture more equitable access to opportunity, to aspiration, and to success for our neighbors and for the benefit of our communities.


CT Hospitals Today 
Connecticut’s hospitals are an embedded part of the communities we serve. In addition to assuming public health responsibilities during the pandemic, including providing nearly one million doses of vaccine, in 2021 we continued to provide high quality care for all those in need, for whatever reason. Healthy hospitals support healthy communities.